“With me, you do not kiss for the camera – but for yourself”

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Hi, my name is Anton, and my photos are emotional because I live your emotions with you.
I am dancing when I take pictures of wedding party and when the bride is crying of happiness –

I also have tears welling on my eyes. Sometimes when I should to interrupt the kiss, I talk whispering, because I feel awe and tenderness of your moment. With me, you do not kiss for the camera – but for yourself – I just picks up your emotions and stand it on the camera’s sensor. I’m an emotional mirror. With me you will be YOU – because me its me.
I’m real, and if you are too – then I’m your photographer.

It began from making travel photo in Mexico, where I traveled for one year just traveling, taking photos and reading books about photography.
I published my photos in the blog I write and at some point people started to ask me to do photosession of them.

Later on, I moved to Cancun, where one of luxury hotels hired me as a photographer.
They just looked through my works, and immediately asked “Can you start working tomorrow”?
I could. So I started.

On a wedding photography I work with my parnter Francisco Soler, who has more than 7 years of expierience in a wedding photo. We have diferents but compatible styles, so you will have a maximum variety of your wedding photos.

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Anton is fantastic! She exceeded all expectations in every respect, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone in an instant. Thank you again for the incredibly important part you played in the most important day of my life.

Victoria Squire
Happy Customer

I’m writing to you today to personally thank you and your team for such brilliant support. It’s probably the greatest support I’ve ever had digitally, and I’ve been through a few companies as of recent. Once again, thanks for such fantastic service.

Owen Ayres
Very Happy Customer