Photo session with this beautiful family

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In these moments I am going to present you a photo session family which, fortunately, have given us the certain confidence to fill them with happiness; Which is a welcome memory in December for all families. As I did with the photo section of Colin and Brandon, a beautiful couple spending the day in Cancun, I can do it with you. 

Well, these photos we made in Cancun, and it gave me great joy to know how happy they were. The title of this post would rather be “Session of a beautiful happy family”, but for reasons of its own, I have to put the title you have seen.

This session is like a bit of a game for this family, followed by an evolving photo shoot, at different angles and occasions. I’ve been lucky with the day … and that’s why I honored this by presenting you this beautiful album; A beautiful family, like this.

I leave the photos, and as always I want you to stop by my session of Contact us for more information.